Friday, February 27, 2009

Random speculation

I love lore. It is one of the reason I have worked sporadically on getting the Lore Master title. Just got to some how find those last 25 quests in Kalimdor. For Alliance it is truly annoying as many of the quests send you back over to the Eastern Kingdoms but they COUNT towards the Kalimdor quests. But that is for another post.

With the upcoming release of Ulduar all sorts of Lore ideas are opening up. I can only speculate based on the cinematic what Blizz has in store for us. So speculate I shall.

The Guardians or "Keepers" are definitely coming into play. (Other wise known as the Children of the Titans)

Freya- The average player will know her from running around the basin. She left an "image" of her self there to protect it. She is the Big lady in green.

Thorim and Hodir - These guys are also familiar to the average player as anyone who has worked on getting their shoulder enchants in Storm Peaks has cursed them as some point or other.

The Iron Council - We have seen these guys before to in The Halls of Stone or at least lesser versions of them.

Yogg-Saron - Lokan yells his name and calls him Master. We know he is the final boss of Ulduar. An old god who the Titans couldn't defeat only contain and then only imperfectly.

So these are the bosses we have SOME familiarity with even if you are not to much of a lore nut. In total Blizz has shared there will be a total of 14 bosses in this new raiding instance. I am personally looking forward to discovering each one.

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