Thursday, February 26, 2009


For those of you who have never experienced the pain and frustration of PTR or Beta before let me set one thing straight THIS IS A TEST! IT IS ONLY A TEST! DO NOT EXPECT TO BE PLAYING MUCH.

There are a FEW things you can do to make it a TINY bit easier for yourself.

1. Exercising patience should be the first order of business.

2. Put every ounce of gold you posses on the character you plan to upload. You will need it.

3. Make sure you have your character in a place that is NOT heavily populated. (Dalaran is a BAD BAD place to log out.) Northrend in GENERAL is not really a good idea.

4. Patches are a way of life. Whenever you are fortunate enough to be able to log on, check to make sure that your talent points have not been refunded yet again.

5. Don't panic about every little change. ENJOY being the test subject. If you can't do that, don't bother getting on PTR.

All pretty common sense stuff, but it is AMAZING how many people who have played this game for as long as I have never even think about it.

On another note, more information on Ulduar has been released including a cinematic of the interior with what appears to be visuals of viarious bosses and the war machines we will soon be getting our grubby little hands on. Looking pretty Epic if that even needs stating....I would post it if I had a CLUE how to....I will have to some how bully the plate wearer in my family into doing it for me as he contiues to teach me how to operate this Blog thing.

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