Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Unexpected Recognition

Originally today's blog post was going to be something small and along the lines of "No Kerrigan didn't get me, but Real Life did. Pay no attention to the fact that it has taken all day for the stupid thing to down load." However last night something totally unexpected happened. I got linked by Wow.com.  I am completely flattered and honored as it is a first for me.

I am certainly not a professional writer. I am not even a struggling journalism student or aspiring literary critic. For some strange reason I have this weird mental image that you have to be this type of person to be linked by  some place like Wow.com all the time. (No clue why.) That I don't fall into these categories should come as no great shock to anyone who has read my work for any great length of time...I like to use caps for emphasis, my sentence and paragraph structure is atrocious. My spelling is abysmal. These are things I readily acknowledge. Considering I haven't taken anything REMOTELY resembling a "writing" class in well over a decade, I suppose it can only be expected.

The thing is I don't write this blog to be "famous on the Interwebz", to make money or any of the numerous other reasons I have seen. Rather I write because I enjoy it. I don't have a counter. (I am so computer illiterate I could never figure out how to get it to work when I did TRY to set one up.) So while I am sure this attention will generate more hits, just how many will remain a mystery. I welcome you all, even more so those who are kind enough to leave feed back, comments or even return. So many thanks to Wow. com for the nod and I promise I will return soon to the regularly scheduled program once I get through school shopping and physicals....It REALLY has NOTHING to do with that fact that the down load has finally reached 100% HONEST!


  1. /grats! I always enjoy your posts, so keep up the great work! :D

  2. You're far too modest! I enjoy your posts as well and I even have a few starred in my reader :)

  3. Grats on that RL Feat of Strength or would it be an achievement...;)

  4. Totally not true about the types of people who get linked from wow.com :)

    They're pretty good at sharing the link love from around the blogosphere.

    Besides, you're a great blogger. I'm having to do a big purge in my reader, 200 blogs is WAY too many. You obviously survived the great purge of 2010 ;) and grats!

  5. Congratulations! Obvioulsy, wow.com recognizes a good blog when they see one.

  6. @BossyPally - Thank you very much!

    @DarkKnight - It would have to be a Feat of Strength as I can't think of any points you get...but perhaps hits counts at achievement points? Then it would be more like it is in game...I only notice when the numbers get high...then I want more...better to just ignore them.

    @Jaedia - I never said it was a LOGICAL mental image, I said it was a WEIRD mental image :p I know I am a little crazy. Nice to know I managed to survive 2010 lol.

    @Brad @Eliana - Thanks!