Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My alts

Some people's alternative characters (more commonly called "alts") are treated kindly. Cared for with just as much love and devotion as mains. This is because some day they just may become their main or perhaps they are retired mains, passed over for the new shiny fashion to catch a person's fancy. Not mine. Oh it isn't as bad as it use to be...such as when my hunter was caught running around in level 40 gear at level 70.  I received such flack about it I DID little bit anyway. The truth is only Dar receives the hours of study, the in depth analysis of spreadsheets, the extended chats with other players about talents and lore. The others, meh....I look at it from time to time, but not NEARLY as deeply or with the passion and devotion.

The fact is that ALL of my alts serve only one purpose. To support my main, to provide her with whatever items she can not craft or gather for herself. A few are there only to store stuff in case Dar may need it at a later date. Yes, all of my alts are little more than red headed step children. As a result the only time they ever see the light of day is when I want something from them or the holidays hit. Well, that is not completely true. You see even my alts have a hierarchy. There are my lvl 80 alts, and then there are "the others".

Like all neglectful parents, I behave as if stuffing my "Other" alts full of attention during the holidays, buying them presents from time to time is enough. Don't ask me what level they all are because frankly I have no idea. I see them so seldom you see. I mean, they ALL have COMPLETE sets of Heirloom gear. They ALL have epic mounts, not JUST the Celestial Steed.  My Death Knight even has epic flying, so you can't say I don't ever get them anything nice. However if it hadn't been for the money and leveling opportunities presented by Mid Summer Festival they most likely would still be languishing in obscurity and it will be Harvest Festival before they again see light of day.

Then I have my level 80 alts. Of those I have only two. My Hunter and my Priest. These were created about the same time as Daraia and have leveled pretty much equally with her their whole existences. Now during Burning Crusade my priest enjoyed the status of "favored one". So much so that some THOUGHT she was my MAIN. Merla got into raids that Dar never did just by the fact she was a healer and we were short on healers at the time. Unfortunately this made me a tad bitter towards the poor girl, so much so that I dragged my feet on leveling her. (I have no understanding of those who state that leveling is HARD when I did it from 1-80 on a Holy Priest hardly trying.) This expansion my hunter has managed to fall into the "favored" status completely by default. The reason is that our server has an over abundance of Healers, Tanks and Melee dps but a HUGE shortage of ranged. Now of ranged Hunters ARE the most common, and Kess is a Beast Master of all things, but still manages to put out decent damage.

While I STILL haven't put a whole lot of effort into Kessah she has managed to get more ICC time than Dar  this past month. I'm ok with that as Kess hasn't managed to achieve any of the goals I had for Dar in ICC. Sadly she does have Ulduar achievements that poor Dar never managed to get and most likely never will given my track record.

My time is limited and while for some the summer months mean more time to play or work on gaining elusive achievements as we await the next expansion. For me it translates into intense time management and juggling of schedules.  Of late it seems to be even worse than it has in the past. I have ideas and goals but scrounging up the time to write or even play feels like an exercise in futility. My poor alts, the way things are looking Dar will be level 85 in Cata before I bother to give you any true attention.

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