Thursday, June 24, 2010

Know Your Rogue Lore: Wiley the Black

In a quiet upper room of Lakeshire's Inn there resides a generally unobtrusive man according to Innkeeper Brianna. "Orders up a pint of  Thunderbrew Lager with his evening meal but pretty much he keeps to himself."  She says. If you dare to request his name of him he will respond with "I'm Wiley the Black".  Now if "The Black" comes from his hair color, manner of dress or just his dower expression, that is all open to interpretation as he refuses to clarify. Those few who do manage to catch a glimpse of him will note a rough hewn, middle age man with a patch over his right eye.

Wiley was once a member of the Defias Brotherhood, as his garments clearly attest, back when they were first gaining strength and establishing a foot hold in Westfall. Eventually his attitude towards the organization soured. As with all "rogue" groups there is a risk when you attempt to "retire". Usually any form of discontent or dissension is met with permanent induction into the category of "examples to others" with your corpse creatively displayed. Wiley was intelligent enough to find a way around this, a chance or perhaps not so chance encounter with a Paladin by the name of Gryan Stoutmantle was Wiley's ticket to freedom.
How did he come to be here? Redridge is not considered a great tourist destination, especially in these times and while Lake Everstill may look lovely at sunset, the local wildlife make fishing and swimming in its waters difficult. Beyond Wiley himself only Gryan Stoutmantle of Westfall knows for sure. The two men only give us hints. Something to consider however is that like Westfall, Redridge has largely had to become militarily independent from Stormwind for it's defense. An individual like Wiley with some training in fighting could easily make a home and legitimate living in such surroundings. At the same time remain close enough to pay off some debts, because as all rogues don't want to have an unpaid debt come back to haunt you.

Stoutmantle will call in that debt before his promotion to Captain and relocation to Northrend's Grizzly Hills.  Wiley's response is classic "Some nerve sending a total stranger to discuss the Defias gang. Once you saved my life and now you put it in great peril." Wiley provides the information Gryan needs but makes it clear that as far as he is concerned his debt is paid in full. It is clear however that Stoutmantle doesn't understands the position he has inadvertently placed Wiley, nor little appreciation for the risks he is taking.

At present all Wiley the Black desires is a life of quiet, to be allowed to make his own choices with out fear of retribution. Perhaps he will be able to find what he seeks in his little inn room in Lakeshire. Sure the Gnolls baying in the hills may not be music to everyone else's ears, but it is better than a dagger in the back or poison in your cup.

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