Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Inscription Updates

Well the summer is upon us so I have been invaded by my minions. Not that I don't love them more than anything but "personal time" has just flow COMPLETELY out the window unless it involves paying someone ELSE to keep an eye on them. Generally what this translates into is fewer "impromptu posts" and more "marathon" posting days where I write up a huge pile hoping something in it will seem ok on posting day. This kinda sucks as we are entering the time when Blizzard is inundating us with information on Cataclysm. The good part of this is I will be one of the few NOT regurgitating the same information as everyone else...the bad part? I'm certainly less current.

Speaking of information over load, Blizzard recently had a Press event in which they gave an update on their plans for Cataclysm. In it they gave lore hints, shared what was hitting the floor as scrap and what might still make it to live. Whenever these thing happen I TRY to keep my emotions in check because as I know from previous experience so much can still happen between now and then but one specific item really hit me hard. The information on Inscription.

Now Daraia is a Scribe. I chose this profession not because it was such a profitable profession because frankly on my server it really ISN'T (the competition it just to flooded). I certainly didn't choose it because it was the best profession for min/maxing. I chose it because it best fit Dar's person STORY and I really enjoy the profession. As they stand now the proposed changes to inscription SUCK in my opinion. I can't see how people will WANT to keep it up after the initial rush.

Since they have had to scrap the original idea for the Path of Titians they are proposing to use the pre existing Inscription Trade to accomplish the same goal. The way they will do this is by opening up a third tier of Glyphs called "Medium Glyphs" (Lame name...please change it.) This third tier of glyphs will provide "Fun alterations to abilities". As to what that will translate into we don't know yet as no concrete examples have been given. All the previous major and minor glyphs you have learned will now go into a "spell book" type log so that you can pull them out whenever you need them. One stop shopping. The previous Major and Minor glyph system will at this point remain unchanged.

Now the plate wearing in the family can't understand why I hate the proposed changes so much. When I tried to explain it to him all I got was a blank look and a "I still don't see how this is a problem, they are adding a whole NEW tier of glyphs". But then he is a Jewelcrafter/Blacksmith. The fact that individuals will only need to purchase my services ONCE for each of their characters then NEVER again as opposed to EVERY time they get a new up grade still demand HIS doesn't occur to him. It is still early on, I will attempt to contain my nerd rage for now and hope that it is not as dire as it seems. It isn't as if I really NEED the money...it is all the idea of the thing.

When duel specing was added my Glyph income was cut by 3/4s as all the pvp people could pretty much now run a pve/pvp spec with the exception of the hybrids. It is almost exclusively a hybrid business now, at least on my server when it comes to profitable glyphs. With this change even individuals like our Main tank who runs TWO tanking specs and our main healer who runs two DIFFERENT healing specs will only need to pick up ALL the glyphs for their class ONCE then never worry about it again until the next patch that adds new glyphs. (Convenient for players, not so much for Scribes.) At that point those few scribes who manage to GET the glyphs will sell them for OUTRAGEOUS prices in hopes to get SOME sort of profit out of it. Scribes can not live by Vellums alone just as Engineers by ammo...(they are also facing a similar funding crunch if you haven't heard the screams).

It will be interesting to see how Blizzard finally chooses to handle this. One wonders what those who run such glyph grinding businesses as Basil discusses think of all this. I haven't heard much in regards to it from them due to my own limited time to research.


  1. In the announcement they do allude to having a plan to fix the ability of scribes to make money.

    I know I read a blue post, or more likely a Blizzard interview that talked about this in more detail and spelled out that scribes will be focusing more on crafting....errrr...other things. I believe it was off hands and trinkets and some sort of consumable(s). I believe they suggested a scribe-crafted reagent may be required to swap out glyphs. I wish I could find it or remember exactly.

  2. Hmm, sounds intriguing. If you see it again let me know. I haven't been able to find anything.

    I am sure it is at least floating around as a noticeable "weakness" with their "solution" to the Path of the Titans change. Would love to see what they finally come up with.

    Thanks for stopping by!