Thursday, June 3, 2010

Know Your Rogue Lore: Theloria Shadecloak

Yesterday Brian Cutaia discussed how it is the one dimensional characters in World of Warcraft that some times have the greatest impact. This entire series is really about those one dimensional characters, any information we have about them is either deferred or concocted out of our own imaginations. My only hope is that you all enjoy reading about them as much as I do discovering and discussing each one.

I mentioned Theloria Shadecloak briefly last week when looking at her superior Bertelm, but I couldn't just leave her there. Like Bertelm, Theloria was a part of the original forces who came through the Dark Portal with Ranger Alleria Windrunner and assisted in establishing the Allerian Stronghold in Terokkar Forest. A former Farstrider (the elite scouting force of the High Elves) she is dressed in the original Bonescythe Armor set exposing her as one of the few roguish members of that organization.

Theloria is appalled at the changes that have befallen her people over the last 20 years. Denied the homecoming of her dreams she declares the forests of Outland her new home, vowing never to return to Azeroth. Recognizing the fruitlessness of giving into despair she chooses to continue to work with the Alliance in hopes of bringing an end to Kael'thas Sunstrider and his followers. She can now be found at a small camp located next to the water between Firewing Point and the Bonechewer Ruins with her human companion Lieutenant Meridian. Interestingly she is neutral to any Horde who may decide to go visit.

The shocks she has undergone as she discovers just how far her people have fallen continue as you interact with her. Theloria has two quests she sends players on which specifically deal with the cooperation taking place between Kael'thas' followers and the local Fel'Orcs. Firsts she asks you to thin the ranks of Bonechewer garrison, hoping that by doing that she can keep them at manageable levels. Second she asks you to remove the Firewing Liaison, a blood elf woman she has observed traveling back and forth between the two camps, the idea being that this will give her a better chance to understand just what kind of relationship the local blood elves have with the Fel'Orcs. While completing these two quests you will discover another one on the ground close to Lisaile Fireweaver, the liaison you are sent to dispatch. The Fel Orc plans reveal that not only are the Blood elves under Kael'thas working WITH the Fel'Orcs, they are actually in control and commanding them to assist in delaying and disrupting the local Alliance and Horde forces.

Theloria offers a glimpse into the agony of the High Elves who see the vast majority of their people being deceived and falling to addiction at the hand of leaders they once trusted. While she and the other High Elves completely understand the horrors of overcoming addiction to arcane magic they can not fathom the decision to replace it with Demonic power. Now they are left with no home and watching from a distance as those they once considered kin are changed beyond all recognition.

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