Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rogues in Starcraft

When Starcraft 2 came out I really didn't care, but both the plate wearer in the family and our oldest were VERY excited. Since we only purchased one copy, this meant that our son could play while the Dad was at work, relinquishing control when Dad got home. However the REST of us have been thoroughly enjoying all the cut scenes and cinematics. If what they have displayed in Starcraft 2 is any indication of what we can expect in World of Warcraft Cataclysm we are in for a treat.

One of the funnest things I have read in regards to Starcraft 2 has been the response of some of the "older" players. This game has been around for over 11 years, these poor individuals gleefully purchased the game, attempted to install it on the systems they have played Starcraft on for years only to have their pc's sputter and spit it back out.

Another comment I hear a lot is: "Just forget about writing games and make full length feature FILMS!" After the success of Avatar we know it can be done and Blizzard's story telling abilities are SOOOOO much better. Several of the cut scenes are not only emotionally griping but action packed. The talent they have managed to gather in their studios is amazing, no matter how spoiled and jaded we have become over the years.

Now while I am not into strategy games, there is one class type within the Starcraft Universe I really like. The Ghosts. They are the "Rogues" of Starcraft. Since this is "Sci-Fi they are Psychically as well as Physically gifted. The major villain of Starcraft 2 is a former Ghost by the name of Sarah Kerrigan who was abandoned to, then altered by the Zerg, the Alien race attempting to annihilate everyone else. She is now called the "Queen of Blades" (How can you NOT love that name as a Rogue?) There was also talk of a single shooter game based on the class that was shelved before production which featured a Ghost by the name of Nova.

*The rest contains spoilers of Starcraft 2 Read at your own Risk*

Starcraft 2 introduces the next level in the Ghost genealogy, the Specters. These are Ghosts who were exposed to a pisonic enhancing gas called terrazine.  Nova has been lead to believe that they are homicidal maniacs. Eventually you must decide who you will support, the Ghosts or the Specters. There is no wrong answer, make your decision based on what is best for your strategy though it will effect how Jim Reynor is portrayed in the game. Justice seeker or Vengeful  hero. The Specters are lead by a man named Gabriel Toss, who describes his pyschic abilities as "Voodoo".

All that as an intro to this cut scene. If you side with Nova and complete this mission this is the cut scene you see at the end. It is just the thing to make my roguish heart happy...even if I am not much into strategy games.

Oh, if you didn't catch it, the poor guy screaming in the back ground is Jim's friend Tychus, the one running around in the blue armor. Toss picked up the wrong VooDoo doll.

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