Sunday, August 29, 2010


During a normal week (I have no idea what that looks like during the summer months) I spend an average of 15 to 20 hours doing Wow related things. This means playing the game it self, writing on this blog, perusing the web, reading sites, hanging out on vent talking to others, etc. Some of those things can even be accomplished at the same time.  Now the summer months are always more difficult due to the minions being home, and if the choice is Wow or them, Wow always looses.

For the past month my family has been involved in something that has required over 15 hours a week of our time guessed it, the first thing to get ejected was the Wow time. I thought I could get at least a LITTLE filler in to tide me over but it has been so bad that some times I can barely find the time to check my e-mail once a week. One of our officers even called to check on use to double check we were still alive. (We warned them before hand it might get this bad and to plan accordingly.)

This imposed exile has been difficult. My fingers are twitchy. My mind is overflowing with things I want to write about and I miss my on line companions, but just can't justify taking the time from the other things I NEED to get accomplished in the next few weeks. As much as my children are crying about school starting up again I am awaiting it with baited breath. So no I have not left Wow, no I have not giving up blogging, but yes I am the mother of four boys drowning under the prep work needed in getting them ready along with some other issues we have been dealing with all along. (Like finishing that major Kitchen and Bath renovation we have been in the middle of for a year.)

For those of you who have written me e-mails regrading blog suggestions, comments, etc I will attempt to get back to all of you soon and have not forgotten you! Thank you all again and please be patient. For many this is a slump time filled with other games and other interests. For me it is a time of mayhem I am attempting to organize.

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