Thursday, March 22, 2012


Yes, I know I have fallen off the face of the earth again. I actually have been working on the next two sections of my legendary quest short story. However a comment made by a guildy (Thanks Kaitou!) had me throwing what I had written all out and reworking it, hopefully they will be posted soon.

I have also gotten my Mist of Panda Beta Invite (which I can now talk about along with every one else). I have to say I am MUCH happier with the look of the female panda than I was the Worgen. I am very hopeful for this expansion in what it will do for Rogues. But it is still early yet. So far so good, warm fuzzies any way (pun intended) the graphics are living up to hype and it reminded me a bit of when I first flew over the hills of Storm Peaks in Northrend to see Ulduar for the first time. I love what they have done with the over all feel of the "kingdom" for want of a better term.

On top of that an unexpected death in the family has had me dealing with a ton of unanticipated estate legal matters.  Thankfully everyone is getting along but a word of advice, I don't care HOW old you are, take the time to collect all your financial, legal, and even social information and update it yearly. Then make sure that you have at least two trust worthy people who know how to access it. Laws change and if you don't touch stuff but every decade it makes a night mare for your loved ones.

More to follow soon.

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