Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yes, I am a cheap date

So today is Valentine's Day. The day when we are inundated with cards, candy and cheap toys, or maybe that is just if you are a child as that is what is presently covering my dinning room table. The poor Platewearer HATES this holiday because despite the fact that he does wonderful loving things through out the year there is this pressure to preform on this particular day and do so in a spectacular fashion.  Even worse he feels he is suppose to do this completely unaided.  The fact that he had only managed to get me (in his words) "a bunch of flowers" just did not cut it. I thought they were wonderful and was perfectly content with them.

So later he was thrilled to discover something that was just released that he KNEW I would like. I found it in my mail box just before raid.

If this is any indication of the dragons we will see in Mists I am TOTALLY for it. This mount flies, swims and FLIPS (as in a special animation not just manipulation).  What was even funnier? I was not the only guild spouse to receive this particular gift today and we were each THRILLED with the additions to our virtual mount collections. The important thing about this whole silly holiday is to take the time to let your significant other know that you appreciate them in ways that THEY will appreciate. Forget how others tell you that has to be done. For me, I am happy with my flowers and my dragon. If that makes me a cheap date, so be it.

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