Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Of Release Dates and Memorials

So yesterday Blizzard officially announced that December 7th, Azeroth as we know it will be changed forever. Well that isn't really accurate. It will all happen a few weeks BEFORE when Patch 4.0.1 is implemented. The expansion pack is really just when we gain access to the new level cap, races and zones. Those who have been paying attention to their Blizzard down loaders or have messed around on the PTR will have noticed that this patch is about the size of three disks or a full game. Why? Because we are getting an entirely NEW game wither we like it or not. Even if you DON'T purchase the expansion pack or any of them for that matter your gaming experience will be forever altered.

It has been kind of interesting to see how some reacted to the December 7th release date. To those of you who may not be aware December 7th was the day that the American Naval Base in Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese bringing the United States into the Second World War. It is considered a day of memorial for may just as the more modern September 11th. There are some who feel that Blizzard is being insensitive to release a game called "Cataclysm" on such a date.

I find some of their arguments amusing. Apparently they have forgotten that a "memorial" is for the LIVING not the DEAD. The idea behind it is to remember, honor and celebrate those who have gone before and what they have done. It is NOT to for the rest of us to cease to LIVE. Great tragedy should not be used as an excuse to prevent others from choosing to, in the words of Walt Disney "Keep Moving Forward".

Some will chose to be insulted no matter what you do. Just as some are upset at the incoming changes that will being going on within the game itself.  Change can be difficult for individuals, even change that NEEDS to happen. World of Warcraft is over 5 years old. The original game is showing its age, we have all made note of it. While some of us may wax eloquent about "the good ole days" when only "true gamers" graced its glorious landscape, the truth is many of our avatars need upgrading, we as gamers have advanced beyond the "kill so many of this" and "wander all over kingdom come looking for random items". We WANT story line, we want challenge, otherwise we would be happy playing Farmville. *shutter* As much as we may whine and complain think about that. Just as we have all evolved as gamers so has this game evolved with us. Sure there have been misses along the way, the good thing is, Blizzard seems to learn from their mistakes.

One wonders if people would be happier if we took the time to have a moment of silence for the all times past in Azeroth. The memories, the world as we once knew it before it is swept away. Granted it is nothing more than a virtual world, but we sure do seem to be spending a lot of time getting all bent out of shape, dedicating hours and hours of our time to this world and the people we meet there. Frankly I think we may be more knowledgeable of Azeroth's history than our own.

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